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So, what is it about Knutsford?

Set in Cheshire countryside, the streets are cobbled, the buildings quaint. There’s history around each corner, and everywhere you look an enchanting mix of past, present and future… hi-tech businesses in listed buildings… a Lamborghini alongside a penny farthing… and interior designer next to a charity shop. Knutsford is a town of contrasts. And it works. 

Once you’re in, you’re spoiled for choice. What will it be?
The gorgeous gardens at Arley or a musical interlude at Tatton Park? Perhaps just a stroll through town. There are shops for all tastes and the food is superb! Knutsford has embraced café culture with colourful awnings and beer on tap and a sense that no-one’s watching the clock. People are relaxed because they are happy.

And that happiness comes from a sense of belonging. Knutsford’s attraction is more than its buildings, shops and bars. Knutsford is a community. Here, in the back roads kids still have water fights, neighbours share barbeques and churches ring with song. 

This is where you want your children to grow up, with sun-filled
May Day memories and ice creams at the Real Fruit Creamery in Malt Street.


OK, it’s not perfect. We need better parking. We need wider pavements (try pushing a double buggy along King St!), less air traffic. But it’s hard to complain when you know how lucky you are.

Knutsford certainly has the edge over drive-thru Alderley. It’s a jewel compared to Northwich. And it’s not full of Cheshire wives like Wilmslow.


So, if you choose to pay us a visit be prepared. You might like what you find. And find yourself coming back for more.

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